Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Well helllloooooo there Mr Clooney"

On Sundays everything is generally closed apart from the first Sunday of the month. So the city feels like a ghost town as everyone heads for the lakes and the coastline. We decided to beat the crowds and headed to lake Como on a Saturday. "Well helllooooo there Mr Clooney." Apparently George has a house on the lake (oh and the scenery is supposed to be lovely also).

After a short 45 minute drive from Milan we arrived at a park by the water for gelati (something the children are now accustom to), a play at the park, a train ride and a turn on the merry-go-round. Most of the parks have Merry-go-rounds with not only carousel horse but firetrucks, tea cups and of course the token moped (daughters favourite). It was 1 euro for children to ride a miniature train on a small oval link that laps 5 times, since I have to sit with my knees touching my earlobes in the tiny carriage, I get to ride for free! "Choo choo, ciao daddy", we wave to hubby on the park bench, trying to get that cute family shot which usually results in a happy family shot from the family in carriages before or after us.
Ready for scenery we climb into our Griswold mobile and drive along the lakes edge heading towards San Siro. The views are breathtakingly beautiful and I very quickly decide that this is one of the most stunning places I have visited thus far; I am sure it is a combination of the unique villas, mansions, restaurants, climbing vines on old buildings, narrow streets, reflective lake, mountains, perfect weather, my disbelief of destination and pure happiness. We stop along the way for pizza, bread and wine (something soul mate and I are now accustom to), yummy. Backdrop was surreal, would of asked hubby to pinch me if I did not bruise so easily; so instead enjoyed a few deep breaths and smiled at our new neighbouring city.

We head back along the lakes edge, we watch the locals sun baking on any rock space available and laugh at the old Italian men walking the streets wearing only their high waisted shorts. Time to daydream about retirement, "Definitely an option, we could spend our summers in our villa by Lake Como (next to George Clooney's of course) when the kids are off at boarding school in Switzerland"... BEEEEEEEP! Reality stops us head on in the form of a tourist bus (did I mention how narrow the roads were)? Buses are big and rental cars are small, so our game of chicken was quickly lost and we were instructed to reverse so the bus could pass. Panic set in as we saw the queue of cars behind us. Hubby reversed as much as our impatient followers would allow, he pulled his review mirror in (by trying to get out of the car instead of putting down the window, yep, panic had definitely set in), arms waved back and forth between us and the bus driver, daughter requested "More carrot please", we all breathed in, (because you know that makes the car skinnier), I closed my eyes, and the bus passed safely...
Decided best to head straight home to rock back and forth in the fetal position in the comfort of our own home. Was a scary experience, and I am told that the driving conditions are worse as you head towards the Italian coastline. A lovely day and we promised to return to do the cable cart ride up the mountain, a boat ride on the lake, and maybe next time, a coffee with George.


  1. This is great Cath, we would love to join you in your villa once we retire!!! Sarah x