Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here come the Griswold’s

Unlike National Lampoon’s vacation, this Griswold’s family is staying for a while, and I still cannot imagine how we are all going to fit into a small hire car “It will work out, don’t worry about it”, soul mate always has the glass half full before I swallow it all down just to make an empty point. So 3 large suitcases, 2 huge weekend bags, port-a-cot, pram, 2 car seats, back pack, cabin bag, a flower cabin bag (“I will take it myself”) and a red beetle bike bag (“I will ride it now”) seemed unlikely to fit in the 2 door smart car I had been dreaming entire month previous that we had hired. So I pushed a double pram and held a shoulder bag or two as my husband managed his way through a crowd of photo clicking tourists pushing two large luggage trolleys simultaneously (which he could not see over or around) chanting “anybody in the road gets knocked over”. Frown turned to smile as we were greeted by hubby's work friend, he offered us a friendly smile, luggage support to the hotel and assurance of a 4 door hatch.

Our first couple of nights in Milan were spent in a hotel room with 3am being the standard wake up time to play for the entire family. A perfect time for soul mate to teach baby prince about compression and sine waves with a metal slinky, for my daughter to catch up on drawing and stickers, and for me to start my blog and ponder on our new Italian life ahead.

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