Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And then their heads began to turn…

Anxiety had arrived at the departure gate with such a long flight ahead with two small children. Getting to travel business class helped to calm the nerves, although I am sure unsettled others; “Aren’t your children adorable” followed by a muttered “please lord I have done you no wrong, please let them be in cattle station seating!” To be fair on the children, the first leg of the trip was a dream run, 14 ½ hours to Dubai cut 45 minutes short as the pilot had “good wind”. Daughter watched movies, she chose and ate her own special meals, before having an eight hour sleep. Son slept for first ten hours, mostly in soul mate’s arms, and I did not sleep, just dozed (although this could be untrue as I have five hours unaccounted for somewhere).

And then their heads began to turn, or as my Uncle would say referring my daughter to the exorcist movie “Why is your head spinning Regan?” So things went a little downhill once we landed in Dubai. After son’s 3rd fall hitting his head (from a totally stationary position) and after daughter’s 2nd sit down 60’s hippy protest in the middle of a very busy trolley and stroller filled Dubai airport, hubby and I conferred that it would be best to return to the lounge and administer Phenergan. This is a child sedative that was not needed on the first leg of the trip, “Can’t hurt them, the last 6 ½ hours will be a breeze” we said smiling, anticipating our peaceful glass of champagne as the children slept. I am pretty sure that this memory will be remembered with some of life’s greatest regrets on my death bed. “Should we of bought that house / Was that the best career move / Why did we administer Phenergan?” So let us not speak of this memory scarring event, although I will just say, fellow passengers all turned up their head phones, and there was a definite tag team between hubby and I at meal times with the words “You can serve mine when my husband/ wife has finished” being growled. I would never say do not travel with young children, how else would you all get to the other side of the world; just give the children more credit for their own survival mechanisms, no doubt they are better than your own.

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