Sunday, May 1, 2011

Holiday Outtakes

Just like the movies, our latest holiday had many outtakes.  They were removed and not used in the final cut of blogging, due to time restrictions or embarrasment issues.  Some of these takes are humorous mistakes made in the process of holidaying, others are just typical mind burps and examples of our lack of co-ordination exhibited by myself and my family.

If we had a camera constantly filming, these are the bits you would see in the credits;
  • Dad breaking a train door in Cinque Terre (like the incredible hulk)
  • Driving convoy up dirt track on side of mountain in between boulders before realising, "This is obviously not the way to our hotel" (thank you GPS advisor, at what point did you think we were hiking not driving in Cinque Terre?)
  • Husband crashing the front of the car into a gate in Cinque Terre ("The good thing about crashing the car, is that I only scratched the paint off, I didn't dent it!"  Always the optomist...)
  • Husband driving and then reversing over my glasses in Rome (nothing a band-aid, rubber band and electric tape can't fix) 
  • Mum falling in the gutter in Rome (drunk on the ambience apparently)
  • Daughter smashing a glass table in Rome (aka Rock Star hotel behaviour)
  • Mum referring to the GPS advisor as "The screaming bitch on my lap" (during our relaxing drive from Rome to Perugia
  • Husband searching the hotel floor in Perugia for body parts ("Have you seen my entire toe nail, I left it just there, I hope our son has not eaten it?")
  • Me slamming my finger in a drawer in Perugia, then instantaneously vomiting (after doing the running on hot sand trying not to swear dance)
  • Mum and dad getting whipped repetitively in the face by passing tree branches on the open bus tour in Florence (yes sitting at the back of the bus was a great idea)!

    Car now out of service due to my father not knowing his own strength!
    This is the photo I was taking, as my mother was watching me and diving off the side walk to kiss the road

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