Monday, April 25, 2011

Which child is your favourite?

I quit.  I am usually good at holding down a job, I generally like to see things through and the last town I was settled in I was employed for ten years under the same company.  Now I last eight days... seriously?  I guess I am not quitting, just 'chucking a sicky', you know, giving myself a rostered day off.  We took the Open Bus Tour through Florence in the morning, but then I took absence from my tour guide role, and sent my parents off into the cold hard world of Firenze.  (Really not cold at all, could think of better places to get lost, and in hindsight, my mother appeared to know more about Florence in 24 hours than I did in 3 seperate visits.)  So with map in hand, they set off eagerly to return 6 hours later with sore legs and meandering like the huntch back of Nontre Damn, (but with a new love and appreciation of Florence).

Bus views were boring our little one.

And entertaining others...

River Arno

Piazza Santa Croce

Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore and its bell tower

My parents did a lot of walking and managed to explore the hills, gardens and city streets of the entire city  "You should go, very pram friendly!" she said as she showed me pictures of 45 degree sloped tracks that disappeared over the horizon. "Pack a picnic lunch."  How many weeks / aerobic sessions was I planning on staying for again?

Gardino di Boboli, largest garden in Europe, with pram friendly steep hills!

Husband and I making a quick escape!

Hubby and I, on the other side of the city map, decided that markets, food and shops, may be the perfect way to end a holiday.  It was, sorry Mr Visa, and we ended it with bargain shopping at a Euro shop for toys and stickers.  (It is the simple things that really please.)  Our lovely lunch was followed by a relaxing afternoon playing games with the children in the hotel room.  Once my parents returned from dinner, my husband and I were able to have a dinner out together, the first time since April 2010.  We were granted freedom at 9pm, headed straight for a glass of wine, walked the streets for an hour (lost), had a quick meal, both falling asleep at the table we returned home.  It was lovely to not carry a nappy, clean wipes and a plastic car in my handbag, but unfortunately, holidays can be exhausting, and so were we.

A fantastic whirlwind trip of Itlay.  When I asked my parents which destination was their favourite, they both answered all of them for different reasons.  It was the typical diplomatic response I'd expect from parents, I didn't ask them which child they loved more so you think they could be honest?  Then I thought about... they were being honest, after all parents aren't allowed to lie to their children, right?  Cinque Terre has quaint villages with breathtaking coastline, Rome has mind blowing history, Assisi has spirituality, Florence has style and elegance, and Venice is charming and romantic.  They are all fantastic in their own way, and just goes to prove that there is more to Italy than bottled water, coffee, checkered table clothes and vespas.

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