Thursday, May 19, 2011

Please put it away!

I like to think i have been indulgent in accepting the eccentricity of different cultures, but there is something I just can not get used to witnessing. Italian men have a compulsion for peeing by the side of the road in plain view of all passing motorists.  It doesn’t matter if its a quiet country road or a busy autostrada, Italian men are positively enthusiastic about public peeing. They don't always turn their back to the traffic, they stand right next to the car and make no attempt to obscure what they are doing, I am perplexed by this behaviour!

I have even passed an emergency stopping section 100 meters before a service stationa and witnessed a man in release.  It is not uncommon to see a row of Italians peeing together. I am sure that studies will show that they appear to attract one another.  Girls use public bathrooms together, so why shouldn't men use the side of the road together?  Perhaps peeing in public is preferable to public restrooms. I don’t know why? Over here no one seems to bat an eye when someone decides to relieve themselves in full view of everyone, are they more liberal than me, freedom of the individual blah blah blah.  Surely their liberalism deserves a fine for disorderly conduct of public urination.

What irritates me the most is that if women can stay on the roads in perfect control of our body fluid movements, why can’t men? I am yet to see a lady squatting on the autostrada at the rear of her parked car in full view on oncoming traffic.  Do Italian men think its allowed and hence don’t take the necessary precautions like using the bathrooms when its available. The ease and comfort with which these so-called well-bred gentlemen unleash themselves to water the plants makes me think that men young, old, rich or poor, must feel its their legacy and see no offense in dangling their tools in front of hundreds of commuters. Please put it away. Immerse yourself in the fascinating underworld that is the public toilet.  That is where true courage lies!
I guess the public peeing could be worse?

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. It's nasty and nothing else spoils my mood like walking down a street, eating my brioche, pushing my stroller with my two monkeys in it and then getting a whiff of pee on the street as I turn the corner. NASTY.
    We should do a coffee. Thank for reading my blog, by the way. :)