Sunday, April 10, 2011

I will follow my husband anywhere

This is me doing the "Lecco Motion"
Song was in my head all day!
 "Come on come on do the lecco motion with me..."  I have had images of Kylie Minogue in fluro rara skirts in my head all morning.  Our destination is Lecco.

Lecco  is a town of  almost 50 000 inhabitants in Lombardy, northern Italy, 50 kilometres north of Milan. It lies at the end of the south-eastern branch of Lake Como (the branch named Lake of Lecco). The Prealps rise to the north and east and set a surreal backdrop.

We explored the little town, walking the streets and admiring the many artists displaying their masterpieces.  All the shops were closed, not much opens on Sundays, but the streets and restaurants still seemed to be buzzing with a happy spring vibe.  We found a table suitable to 'people watch', and since it had just ticked past midday, we ordered a bottle of wine and a light lunch.  There was activity in the piazza as stages and soundchecks prepared for a relaxing Sunday afternoon concert to entertain the surrounding restaurants and bars.  Always interested in the art and interior of the churches, I tried to enter a beautiful white cathedral, but they were obviously closed for lunch; I thought religion was supposed to be on offer 24/7? 

Art work on display

Son choosing a beer for lunch

The church we could not enter
Sunday markets were set up along the lakes edge, so we slowly made our way along the variety of offerings.  Usually I would say that markets all sell the same thing, but I must admit there was an array of items from beautiful bonsai, to sling shots and aliminium hats.  Of course the token sunglasses and handbags were displayed on sheets on the ground, ready for the quick grab, run, "not selling anything illegally Mr Policeman".  I am not fooled, pretty sure that Gucci bag is not authentic for 10€.
Markets lake side

Is a sling shot sporting equipment, a toy, or a weapon?

Beautiful bonsai for sale

Everyone should have an aliminium hat at some stage of their life...

Lecco was extremely picturesque, but we decided to make the most of our day by driving onto the next little town to get some gelati.  We had 2 cars to accomodate for the children and my parents, and my husband decided that he would take the lead and I would follow.  Sounds like a good plan.  After all he is the male, I hate to stereotype, but don't all men have superior sense of direction??  I must admit that I did get a little concerned when we started driving on the cobblestone streets, these are usually reserved for pedestrian traffic only.  And as the streets got narrower, I assured my mother that we were just taking the scenic route.   When we turned past the artists displaying their art near our lunch stop, I started to recall my wedding vows in my mind; pretty sure there was something about supporting him in his goals and following him always.  No loop hole there, guess I am following him into the piazza.  Oh look, now driving through a crowd of people enjoying a drink and the concert set up.  Hello there "Mr Policeman".   My husband is approached by a police officer, as am I.  I plead innocent, (actually I am blaming my husbands bad sense of direction, but I am speaking english and she is speaking Italian, so pretty sure my excuses are not registered).  When I look at my husband, I see arms being waved around, I am unsure if he is arguing, or pretending to be Italian and just talking with his hands.  After having our wrists slapped, (not literally), we are directed to turn around and take our first right to exit.  I nearly back into a table of people eating at a restaurant, so now I have a police escort walking slowly infront of my car to guide me to the road; my husband on the other hand, turns too soon, straight into the concert set up, only to be chased by the running policeman again, for another slap on the wrist, and then he follows me.

The narrow PEDESTRIAN streets of Lecco

Passed this monument several
 times in the car and by foot
  Was our day boring my husband?  Was he trying to 'spice up' the outing to impress my parents? Was he trying to give me flash backs to two years ago, when we drove past the statue of David in Florence that stands in the middle of a tourist filled pedestrian only piazza?

All forgiven, I have a giggle and as he passes me, I decide to follow him again to the next town for gelati.  After all, he is male, and I hate to be stereotype, but don't men have a superior sense of direction??  Missed a turn off, opps, missed next turn off, opps, no more exits for 15km.  We finally exit, find a little town, but no car parks.  Prince is now asleep in the car, and princess is extremely cancerned as to when we are going to stop to purchase her some juice.  I tell my daughter to keep an eye out for a car park, and we decide to head home.   We actually have an extremely scenic drive along  the lake.  I am told by my husband that this route was of course all preplanned so my parents could get a real feel for Italy, (or just a sense of Italian driving). 

My parents are unaware of our tour guide skills at this stage...

Finally someone to take our photo who is older than 3 years of age!
Notice the snow on the mountains behind us?

Lecco with its beautiful backdrop

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  1. Very funny. Great story.

    p.s. you might want to change it to 'wedding vows' - although vowels did make me laugh out loud :-)