Monday, April 18, 2011

Train karma

We have another full day at Cinque Terre and decided that a boat trip may be the best way to take in the full beauty of the area.  It was team goal to be at the train station on time with coins in hand in the morning, and we did so successfully 2 minutes before the train was to depart.  We also successfully managed to delay the train by 10 minutes by breaking the door trying to ram the pram inside.  Yup, we broke a train door, another achievement to add to my list of things I do not particulary want to achieve in life.  The door would not stay closed and after much confusion and attempts to fix it, the conducter taped it up, locked it permanently, and gave us a look of "please try not to break anything else".   (Perhaps this was karma for the train not waiting for us the day prior?)

I feel fine enough last night to have a glass of wine, (suprise, suprise), and watch a beautiful sunset.  But feeling a little off again this morning, I am now convinced that I am either pregnant due to immaculate conception, or I have finally contracted the gastro bug my family all revelled in the week prior.  (I feel a bit silly now thinking it was my sunglasses making me sick.) Unfortunately, since we are a family of sharers and carers, my mother is now also sick; in hindsight, probably her own fault as she is the one who raised me to share.  We board the boat and I am chewing motion sickness gum like a dirty baseball player chewing tobacco.  The view from the sea was the best way to admire the scenery and provided a panoramic view of the entire coast with its picturesque villages.  It is breathtaking, every stop is post card perfect, the weather is charming, my motion sickness gum is working, and I have another 'pinch me I must be dreaming', (but do not literally pinch me I bruise easily), type moment.



 We docked at Portovenere, an impressive sea village, with tower like houses trimming the old town of churches and castles that dated back to the 4th century.  We climbed aboard another boat for a quick tour of the islands Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, before enjoying a leisurely lunch then boat returning to Monterosso.


Boat trip around 3 small islands
 Last night of our stay was enjoyed with yet another glass of wine and a picture perfect sun set.

Another sunset...

IF Interesting Fact
The mountainsides of the Cinque Terre are heavily terraced and are used to cultivate grapes and olives.  (Wine and olives, my 2 favourite things, what a magical place!)

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