Monday, November 15, 2010

Revenge of the door man!

In an earlier post "Check depth of leave pile before jumping ", I stated that ; "Sympathy must be had for the apartment porter and care taker that are out there every morning with a thin broom, sweeping every single leaf off the path and driveway. I am sure the tree is laughing from above because once they finish, it is time for them to start all over again." So after 10hours straight of chainsaw sounds last week, I looked out my kitchen window to the apartment next door, to see this... like a soaring bird with diarrhoea 'I will have my revenge'.... (says the door man)...

Run tree run!!! Save yourself!!! It appears now the porter is laughing. Is this normal behaviour when Autumn/ Winter arrives, (or is this just a door man who has had enough of sweeping)? I guess I have to look out of another window for my golden leaf bliss...
Now I can see all of my neighbours clearly; great way for me to see how the Italians cook in their own kitchen, (just need some binoculars to get ingrediants and measurements right).

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