Monday, November 22, 2010

"Dance monkey dance"

"G! How to Play 2010" is a Fair - an event in Milan dedicated to the world of children, of adolescents and families whose second edition, held in November of 2009, was attended by over 40,000 visitors in three days of exhibition."

Who could resist a packed convention centre filled with sugar high excited children all carrying an average of 3 balloons each...

The event was well organised; all of the children were 'tagged' on entry so not to get lost, and there was ample entertainment. The toys were offered for play with parents and children and there was plenty of opportunity for art, craft, and hands on learning experiences (involving cooking, milking cows and riding scooters and cars around a road with signs and obstacles).

Princesses favourite activity was Barbie, (bizarrely this was also a babysitting service; just sign your child in and off you go; free)! Javier and I stood behind the roped off area with the majority of other over protective parents, watching on like a day at the zoo. "Dance monkey dance!" Daughter was a little overwhelmed by the amount of children, (or perhaps the amount of pink and parents staring)? It took a while before she stopped looking for us and eventually picked up a barbie. But when it was time to leave, she conveniently refused to hear our calls and kept busy reorganising the pens at the drawing table and ensuring she had touched every pink glittery toy on offer.

Prince enjoyed deconstructing others constructions in the lego area, and he tried his hardest to steal balloons from those oblivious, (after we disposed of his because he kept whacking strangers).

As the volume of children, squeals and tears increased, we decided it might be best to call it a day. We should have known that the children had reached their stimulation limit when princess started screaming because she got a love heart balloon instead of a sword. A great day. It is always nice to find something that is centered around the children, that is close to home, and that is free!

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