Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jingle Bells on a Farmers Day...

It snowed a few days ago, (and that is when I told my daughter Santa would come), therefor Christmas came early this year. Using this as our excuse, my husband and I purchased our Christmas present for each other on the weekend. A new camera; it came from England; the buttons on the camera are in English; but the manuals provided are written in Italian, French, Dutch and German. All languages which I am not familiar. My loved one obviously had high hopes of me recalling my grade 10 education of German; "But we are going to Munich in a week, I was relying on you!" Smile faded very quickly when I told him I may of embellished the truth a little; but I can count to 10 and sing a verse of a song in German, that is also substituted with various, "na na na na Deautch" type sounds, (always thought if I did a little jig; dancing with imaginary stein in my hand then I could get away with anything. Apparently this will not help us to check into a hotel or ask for directions, although it will make for an interesting sight.) So now we have a new toy, one that I have been secretly wanting for such a long time. Unfortunately the cameras functions are as bewildering to me as a vegetarian with a love of osso bucco. I want to learn how to use it but the manual pictures are not enough to get me by; so I will once again turn to the Internet for support and some English assistance.

Succumbed to the spirit of all things festive, prince and princess have decorated the Christmas tree all by themselves. And everyday since its arrival, the tree has been undecorated and decorated again and again by busy little hands. Daughter is truly in the spirit of the season and enjoys sharing her rendition of Jingle Bells with us; "Oh what fun it is to ride.....on a farmers day/dancing all the way/ on fathers day/ down at Warners Bay". Her version is much more exciting than ours!

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  1. So so cute! Ha!! You're a cack Cathy Mac... sorry, Gonzo :-) (as always) Kater xo