Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Check depth of leave pile before jumping...

Living in Brisbane and Newcastle Australia, I have never really experienced change of season until now. (Apart from holidays in Melbourne where you have 4 seasons in one day.) The attraction of the gold and red hues that are appearing on the trees act as compensation that the cold weather is arriving.

I am constantly pointing out the leaves to the children, the colours are so mesmerising; my only reply is a glance of "Yeh, I get it, its a tree, oh, look, a rock, you going to get excited about that too?"

Sympathy must be had for the apartment porter and care taker that are out there every morning with a thin broom, sweeping everysingle leaf off the path and driveway. I am sure the tree is laughing from above because once they finish, it is time for them to start all over again.

I am trying to get the kids to collect the leaves, throw the leaves, jump in the leaves, paint with the leaves, blow the leaves, glue the leaves... think they want me to leave!!! Maybe they will appreciate this change of season when they are a bit older? Secretly I
may be using my children as justification that it is fine for a 30 something female to be rolling around in a pile of leaves.

I tell myself that Leon enjoys time on the verandah looking at the beautiful colours in the trees, but I am pretty sure he is really out there to parachute our belongings off the edge. (I found a huggies wrapper and a pair of Mia's underpants on top of the pathway and hedge last week!)

Mia is more interested in when it is going to snow, (mainly because I told her that is when Santa comes with presents; it could be a cheap Christmas for me this year if it does not snow in Milan)!

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  1. beautiful leaves and pictures cath...enjoy the change! x