Thursday, October 21, 2010

Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend...

Something I have definitely noticed about Italy, (and most European countries), is the love and emphasis on family time. Parks are always bustling, cafes filled with children and adults grabbing a quick brioche before school and work, and child, parent and grandparent outings are daily occurrences. This family value is also extended to the family members with four legs. Living in Milan, a busy city that offers mainly apartment living, I was surprised by the amount of dogs. Big, small, skinny, tall, hairy, bald, any dog at all! Most parks have a dog park attached, and any available spot of grass near a kerb is utilised for doggy relief.

So who is the master? It is not uncommon to be eating in a restaurant and have a pooch eyeing off your pizza from the table next door; I have spotted a dog doing the grocery shop with Nonna; they almost always get to finish off the gelati cone; and usually get to go on holidays with the family as about 1/3 hotels in Italy and Europe are dog friendly., (as well as gay friendly; isn't it funny what they advertise now days... should be a given fact in todays society). The dog is part of the family! They say couples start to dress the same and look like each other the longer they live together; does this apply with family pets? With the colder weather fast approaching, Milan doggy fashion is already prevailing with knitted and leather vests. Dog parks are filled with strutting mutts on cat walks (or dog walks)! And owners in collars?

The local business provide opportunity for social existence for those that can not possibly leave the house without their furry babies. Ikea provides a trolley with a pet box attached so they may help while shopping in their pooch pampering home wares section, (after all, what if you got home and the pooch did not like your purchase, it saves on the return trip). If they do not wish to stay in the cage they must wear a muzzle, (did not see any patches of grass or dog toilets in my loop of home exhibition, what happens there?) Pity the store cleaner... We have been past many petrol stations with a 'Fido Park', just pop in a coin, put your dog in a large cage, and you can still shop and eat inside without worrying about the safety of your critter. While visiting the Genova Aquarium, we noticed 'Dog sitting' was offered, similar to a kids play centre, ahhhhh, the life of a dog!!

The Italians just have so much love to give and food to share, why shouldn't the cane benefit?

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