Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Na na na na na Inspector Gadget"

I left the house before 8am this morning to go to an appointment; it had been raining all night so I put on my jeans, boots, scarf and jacket to walk the streets. I am usually not in the world of the living this time of morning to see all of the communters heading off to work and I must say, I realised that I am constantly being shocked by Milan fashion. Apparently there is a fancy dress party on today and the theme is 'Inspector Gadget' because everyman and his dog, (and I literally mean dogs, they are treated like humans here), are wearing trenchcoats and rain hats. Rain hats!!! Have you ever seen such a thing?? Only on inspector Gadget, not in Australia anyway... I do not mean to disrespect another culture, I am just adjusting...

Milan fashion week (unsure why they call it week, it is really 4 days long), was celebrated last weekend. It happens twice a year, and the end of September shows the Autumn /fall / Winter collection. The streets of Milan were filled with media, locals, tourists, celebrities, fashion do's and don'ts, and rain. 'Apparently' what is in; high boots over the knee, maxi dresses with see through bottom half, the poncho, some floral, 'female dandy' (females wearing sharp tailoring of mens clothes), 'preppy masculine', and fog chains and heavy brooches to accessorise. These are purely guesses on my behalf, but this is what seemed to be on the catwalk on the television reviews. You know what, come to think of it, did not spot one rain hat?!?

Fashion has done nothing but confuse me since I have been here. Moving to Milan, I presumed that I was moving to the most fashion forward place in the world. Don't get me wrong, the shops and clothes are amazing, ladies are generally very stylish, and the men always dress as though they are on there way out to a nice restaurant. But please explain to me why men must wear coloured slacks and man bags, and why the women like to show their bras in summer, and in winter wear all one colour?? Ok, so you are going to wear brown today... brown shoe,brown skirt, brown shirt, brown scarf and brown jacket! I would say mix it up a bit, but this morning I saw a lady in boots, striped stockings, spotted skirt and floral top! All beautiful pieces of clothing seperately, but all together!! Am I expecting fashion perfection from every resident because of the 'Milan reputation'? Damn right I am!

Fasion is what you feel comfortable in, but also what makes you feel nice, (in a presentable sort of way). I had planned to try and bring back the 'Ug Boot', but I have been beaten as I saw them in a shop window last weekend, (along with the most amazing collection of fashionable gumboots). The 'flanny' (flanelette shirt) also already seems to be making a star appearance! So my goal is to bring back the 'tracky dack' (tracksuit pant for those non slang Aussies). Do not like my chances!! If or when I come home, my fashion style will be judged by you all I am sure, either way, good or bad, I will just reply, "It is what they wear in fashion savy Milan darling!"

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  1. I can relate. I recently moved to Abruzzo (from the US) and fashion throws me for a loop. It seems so complicated, all the layers and colors. To me it looks like they pull random pieces out of a bag sometimes. But, because we are on the beach people do wear UGGs and track suits, although they are dressed up a bit more than I am when I wear them.