Sunday, October 10, 2010

Castle and Vegetable art

Daylight is shrinking and I am only just becoming aware. When I arrived in Milan in July, mornings started at 5am and finished at 10.30pm; the days were filled with sunshine and there was a 2 hour time limit to dry wet clothes. Now 7 is dawn and 7 is dusk, and there is serious talk of purchasing a clothes drying implement. Panic is starting to set in... maybe it does get cold and the day light will be a blink of the eye. We are hoping to make the most of the season changes; already discussing leaves changing colour and falling from trees, and princess asks most days "is there snow yet?" Australia, (Brisbane especially), generally only offers summer and winter, with a little growth and death of plants thrown inbetween. Our buildings central heating gets turned on today, perhaps a definate sign of what is on the way? Will we be warm enough? Do the wall mounts get too hot to touch? Will they burn the children? Will I burn myself on the one next to the toilet? Can I use them to dry the clothes? Is it possible to start a fire with them? All these things I am sure I will soon discover.

To make the most of the sunshine days (and bearable temperature), we planned for a train trip into town and a visit to the Sforza Castle. The Sforza Castle served as a defensive structure and ducal residence in the 14th and 15th century, before losing its role as a lordly residence and becoming an army barrack. It was taken due to foreign domination of Milan by the Spanish (1535-1706), the Austrians (1706-1796), the French (1796-1814) and the Austrians again (1814-1859); it was only at the end of the 19th century that it was given back to a united Italy, to be restored and transformed into a museum centre and recreational centre. It houses seven museums, a few libraries and some archives; all of which the children can not enter. They hold works by such artists as Michelangelo, (and perhaps some of the other ninja turtles), and to be honest I think I would feel a little nervous with the Gonzalez 'bull in a china shop' children exploring the world of art just yet. "Opps, smashed a 14th Century vase; do I have to pay for that now? Do you take Visa?"

As always daughter just ran around castle and there was a lot of speculation as to who was the queen, the princess and the king and where we all lived in the castle. Mini male Gonzalez just wobbles behind trying his hardest to keep up with the the royalty of Princess Gonzalez before him.

Day continues with a nice lunch and a walk up the shopping street; we listen to some buskers and are amazed by a mans flower and animal carvings out of beetroot and turnips. As the children fall asleep in the pram, my soul mate and I sneak a gelati, (think it was the first one I have not had to share,) and cut through the cities main park to walk home, going via the swings and slides. The walk from city centre to home is under half an hour stroll, and those famous words leave our lips; "We should really do this more often."

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