Monday, January 3, 2011

Viterbo - Bingo or paper, scissors, rock?

Viterbo is an ancient city and commune and is said to be Lazio's best preserved medieval town. It is approximately 80 kilometers north of Rome and the historic center of the city is surrounded by medieval walls, still intact after enduring heavy bombing in World War 2.

Viterbo was built during the 11th and 12th centuries, and in the 13th century it became residence of the popes. The Papal elections were held in the Gothic Palazzo dei Papi and in 1271 the entire college of cardinals were briefly imprisoned because they took too long to elect a pope. It took over 3 years in fact. Personally, I think that after 2 years, 'drawing the shortest straw' or 'paper, scissors, rock' should of been the decision option.

It was dark before we head out to explore, and after a quick look at the markets at the end of our street , both children fell asleep, (daughter did so with cotton candy/ fairy floss/ sugar on a stick/ child bad behaviour stimulant in hand; she must of been tired). We made the most of their time asleep to tour the streets and see the sights.

For me, Viterbo is hard to describe. So, true to my personality, I have made a list:
  • medieval

  • historic

  • 3 muskateers (husband kept saying he wanted to have a sword fight up and down stair ways)

  • knights in armour

  • stone and wood

  • eerie but calm

  • content with itself
This is what I felt strolling in the streets on a Sunday night, therefor the factors of day, time, weather and a relaxed holiday mood would of all played an equal role in the lists destination.
We had a great dinner with Princess asleep in the pram, and our 15month old son eating the majority of my husband and my ordered meals. My daughter received a kebab from opposite our hotel, (very Italian) as she woke as we returned to the hotel to go to sleep.
Viterbo is very pretty within the ancient walls of the historic centre. It is rich in political religious history, yet it felt a little sleepy.
IF Interesting Fact
College of cardinals used to be either really indecisive or easily destracted.

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