Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back it up Nonna

A queue is supposed to be a line of people waiting for something. Lining up. What can I say, Italians don't!

Supermarkets, clothes stores, restaurants, road traffic. It appears that the motto is "Me first", and there is no time to wait your turn. Nonna's are the worst offenders. They casually step in front of you to be closer to the cash register, their trick is to not make eye contact, and apparently, this makes them invisible.

If you arrive someplace you should ask who is the last in line (chi รจ l'ultimo?) and then you will know that you are after the person that responds. Italians rule, if you do not ask this question just pop into the largest gap between people that you see.

Beware of the sweet looking Nonna. At the shop this morning, a definite line had been established. Nonna stands very close behind me, edging in front of the lady who was clearly next in queue, and she very casually leans into me and starts unpacking her groceries onto the bench. Two things bother me; firstly, she ignores the lady who says "I was here first", twice, (pretty sure this is what she said as there was a 'sono' and 'primo' in there somewhere, and a lot of 'how rude' sighing), and secondly, I had not even started to unpack my groceries yet! Think you can make it all better by squeezing my sons cheeks? Hands off Nonna! Did not know what to say, thank goodness an eye roll is universal.

IF Interesting Fact

December 31, 2000 - Parishioners waiting in line to receive the Eucharist are attacked by men wielding machetes and a blow torch in the Roman Catholic cathedral in St. Lucia; at least two are killed and another dozen wounded. (source: The Britannica Archive). This is horrible, yes, but not likely to happen at the suprmarket. So wait in line...

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