Sunday, January 2, 2011

Todi - equivilant to a thigh master workout

Todi is a town of the province of Perugia (Umbria) in central Italy. It is perched on a tall two-crested hill overlooking the east bank of the river Tiber; it possesses distant views in every direction, and it has way too many stairs. As a matter of fact, it has over 315 steps leading from our car park into the town. (Not that I was counting as my husband and I were ascending carrying a child each!)
In the 1990s, Richard S. Levine, a professor of architecture at the University of Kentucky, chose Todi as the model sustainable city, because of its scale and its ability to reinvent itself over time. After that, the Italian press reported on Todi as the world's most livable city. (I think this could be challenged.) There was nothing wrong with Todi, it just was not overly memorable for me. It was only a lunch and exercise stop, so we only explored for a few hours before our next destination.

We visited what is said to be two of Umbria's most impressive churches. Tempio di San Fortunato, had beautiful frescoes and holds the tomb of Todi's beloved Patron Saint, (it also has an additional 70 stairs that was not included in my original tally). And Chiesa di Santa Maria della Consolazione, which boasts geometrically perfect Greek cross design and a cupola - topped dome, (it is huge on every scale, and it boasts no stairs).

IF Interesting Fact

There is an entrance into the town that is not proportionate to a half hour thigh master work out, it boasts no stairs. Find it, use it.

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