Monday, August 23, 2010

Where is the mustard?

We had a pleasant hotel stay and breakfast in our Geneve hotel. Take your pick how you say it, Geneve, Geneva, Genf, Ginerva all seem to be acceptable. We were going to hit the town but miserable weather and children due for a nap had us tour the 2nd largest city in Switzerland by car, (in twenty minutes). It was 9 o'clock on a Sunday, so everything was closed, and we know it was 9 o'clock as every second shop displayed either a swiss watch or a cuckoo clock. After taking a few photos we decided to drive towards Troyes and to make some random stops of discovery along the way. When it rains, it pours, and we had wishfull thoughts that the clouds were emptying now to give us beautiful weather for our Eurodisney adventure tomorrow. Soul mate said he cursed us with his "We have had great luck with the weather" comment yesterday. Does saying "touch wood" and tapping your head really help un-jinx yourself?

We found a little place called Beaune on our way to Dijon. This is a sleepy old town in city walls, all cobblestone streets and limited driving. Filled with patisseries and restaurants, this would be a great little weekend destination and is the wine capital of Burgandy, so also a great place to taste some delicious wines. Do not think that Beaune is steered towards tourists but would be a great place for tourists to stop. (Our little secret, do not want the tour busses ruining its beauty.)

We requested that the GPS avoid toll roads for a while and then found ourselves in some lovely little towns. This is something that we should of done sooner and that I would recommend; of course depending on time limitations and how well young children travel in the car between A and B.

Just because a town has a big dot on the map, does not necessarily mean it will be a place worth visiting. I wanted to pass thru Dijon (yes, home of the mustard) for lunch, but everything was mostly closed and we did not feel the appeal necessary to stop. Most of the city appeared to be under restoration, both roads and buildings. We did however see a Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut (first seen in Europe), but not really a consolation for no Dijon mustard.

Next onto Troyes. Very cute little town with half timbered houses and dark alleyed streets. Troyes was chosen as it is situated only 2 hours out of Paris and would help to cut down our travel time the next day. Sporting raincoats and umbrella's we headed into town for a meal to discover a labyrinth of creperies, pizzerias and a-la-carte restaurants. Choosing a busy restaurant (food poisoning less likely with higher food turn over?) we dined on snails, duck and fish. Princess did not want to try snail; hesitation was not an issue for prince; after all he does eat dirt. Our hotel was comfortable, (polite way of saying their were holes in the walls, but nice staff and no sign of rats), and Mia and Leon slept in until 8 o'clock, (always the way when you want an early start). The restaurant fed us well with crossaints, bagettes, meat, cheeses and coffee, which appears to be the extent of every hotel breakfast at this stage. Not letting the pouring rain dampen our spirits, we packed up the car, and head off for our Eurodisney adventure. I think hubby and I were more excited than the children. Daughter was just excited to get back in the car so she could watch her DVD player.

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