Tuesday, August 24, 2010

These gumboots were made for walking

We arrived at My Explorers Hotel, Chessy, ignoring the pouring rain and ready for some fun. Our hotel room is once again 'comfortable'; we all have our own beds (that we do not necessarily stay in until morning), toilet, bathroom, but no bar fridge (have found this common so far in most of our hotels).

We caught the bus from the hotel to Eurodisney, it leaves every 15 minutes and is more convenient than driving, (I know this because we tried to drive but could not find the car park, so we returned to the hotel and caught the bus). Day one is pouring with rain, and by the afternoon Walt provides even more (for Disney effect I'm sure) just to contribute to our soaked sock situation. As frostbite kicks in, hubby and I realise that daughter and every other patron have come well prepared with gumboots. After 4 hours of fun in the rain we decide to head for the local shopping centre to source gumboots. Two hours later we find some pretty pink gumboots a few sizes too small in a sports store. Apparently these are the only gumboots left in the entire shopping centre due to the day's weather!

Day two and an early start to find gumboots 'out of town'. 20 minute drive to success. We choose knee high rubber boots, then ditch them for hiking boots, then ditch them for waterproof sneakers, then ditch them for fishing boots, then ditch them for horse riding boots, then ditch them for black gumboots, (found eventually at the very back of the store). There is a nappy explosion change and a toddler toilet trip thrown in the agenda just for added excitement. Step outside, oh look, lovely sunshine! We opt to keep the boots for a rainy day and brave our semi damp shoes from the day prior. Happy to get our princess to Fantasyland for a princess fix; oh look, pouring rain! Guess should have worn boots? Wet, tired, but fun filled, we head back to the hotel after 5 for daughter to try the swimming pool and water slides.

Day 3 it is cloudy and grey so surely we have it right this time, "We must all wear gumboots!" Our longest day, we were in the park by 10 o'clock and did not leave until after 6. We managed over 8 rides with both the kids, they napped in the pram while we had lunch and we did a lot of walking. We head back to the hotel so children could play in the ball pit, and so mummy and daddy could have a bottle of Ròse. Oh look, prune feet due to wearing hot and sweaty gumboots on a stinking hot cloudless day!

Day 4 sandals and sunshine. I have spent the entire day looking at everyones feet trying to spot someone to mock, would you believe that not one person is wearing a gumboot in such beautiful weather?

Our hotel was a great choice and really catered to the needs and entertainment of the children. There was a large covered swimming pool, Pirate Ship, Play Areas, Internet Access (convenient for our last minute hotel bookings), Disney Boutique (not so convenient as daughter's latest 'thing' is touching every piece of merchandise in any shop, this makes for a long grocery shop when just going for milk), Video Games Arcades, 3 restaurants, 2 bars, 1 Brioche Dorée Snack-Bar and a great buffet breakfast that provided us with our days snacks.

We would recommend this hotel to anyone travelling with children; young up to teenage years. Our only regret, (apart from the gumboots, but I guess that is not the hotels fault), would be not booking another night as we felt a bit rushed trying to fit in the activities at the hotel as well as the fun park.

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