Wednesday, August 25, 2010

As long as we are well fed

Our Disney adventure had finally come to an end and the troops climbed aboard the Gonzo mobile for a 2 day road trip back to Milan. After a few nasty words with Loise, (our GPS advisor) and a little drive through the one street town of Le Subdray, we found our Novotel accommodation. Our hotel was just out of the small town Bourges; next to the freeway and surrounded by several other hotels (a little hotel commune), not the best scenery, but very comfortable none the less. It seemed very family friendly, with a games room, and we did not receive any dirty stares as our children threw their cutlery around the restaurant. We were entertained by our energised Matre De who sprinted around the restaurant like our princess in a Disney store. I tried a delicious lemon veal dish; hubby had a fresh salmon pasta and the children happy with meat and chips. Easily pleased, the Gonzalez family is always happy if well fed!

We headed into Bourges in the morning (old town city centre) for coffee and breakfast. The streets were cobblestone, houses and shops all timber thatched, each leaning with its own particular character. The streets intertwined showcasing patisseries, hair salons, shoe shops, and some restaurants and bars thrown in for good measure.

Arriving at Cathedral Saint-Etienne de Bourges, we were a little overwhelmed by the size and could not help but notice its resemblance to Notre Damme in Paris. It displayed Gothic architecture and picturesque arch ways carved full of patronage to the saints. The outside was currently being restored, which is understandable for a building that is over 800 years old. (Don't they say you should paint your house every 10 years? Wonder if that applies for churches?)

Bourges was a nice little stop, but would not necessarily make as a weekend destination. If done again, then we would get accomodation in town to experience it a bit more, something to be said about a new town at night time. (It's darker?)

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