Thursday, June 2, 2011

Peschiera, more than mullets

We had accomodation booked at Sirmione, Lake Garda for a 4 day holiday and decided to explore Peschiera before check in at our hotel.  Ignoring the rain we headed to Peschiera del Garda for lunch and a wander through the old town. 


It is located on the southern end of Lake Garda, in Italy's Veneto region.

The town's sixteenth-century island fortress and walls are a reminder of a time when Austria controlled the region.

Peschiera del Garda is small but pretty.  It boasts many restaurants, some canals, ducks, and chubby Italian cyclists with mullets, (bad hair styles).


I love staying in hotels.  I love the childrens excitement as they get a new bed.  I love unpacking the bag, and I love packet body wash and free shower caps.  Not so keen on carpet in the foyer belonging to a bank.  Not so keen on 'dank' smell in the room, followed by a search for source of scent, (presumably a rotton cheese sandwich).  Not so keen on absence of bar fridge to chill my vino.

I love the kiddies pool.  Not so keen on having to steal hotel towels when told they would not provide any for the pool.  I love that they gave me chilled vino by the pool.  I think I am going to enjoy this holiday.

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