Saturday, June 4, 2011

Over the draw bridge to Sirmione

To ensure that we did not totally sloth out by the pool for our entire holiday, we took a quick drive into Sirmione.  We have visited once before when we explored the Rocca Scaligera, a 13th Century Castle, so this time the visit was purely to expel some infant energy.  To enter the old town, you must cross a draw bridge, so you literally feel as though you are entering a little medieval town, but instead of knights and travelling merchants, you are greeted with tourists and upscale shopping.

Rocca Scaligera

Chilli and lemon stall... we bought some fresh coconut, yum!
We strolled along the waters edge and found a little pebbled beach.  This was a great spot for the children to collect some rocks and for my husband to revisit his fear of big attacking birds, otherwise known as the gentle swan. 

No soccer on the pebbled beach

Frightening the swans

Now this bird is more husbands size prefence
We continued along the waters edge to find an artist painting the castle and princess was a little confused as to why she couldn't have a turn. 

There are thermal baths and a 1st Century Grotto (Grotte di Catullo) at the tip of the peninsula, but feeling the presence of the hunger monster, we weaved back through the streets of hidden hotels and fancy pants villas to a little restaurant.  A shared pizza and a dash of wine meant it was now time to return to the hotel pool for a lazy afternoon.  Another great day at Lake Garda.

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