Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here kitty kitty kitty (part A)

So I am sitting on the couch with glass of wine in hand watching a movie.  I really should be ironing, but I am trying to make the most of my justified holiday (weekend).  Without our shutters closed, outside can be be a little noisy at night and I presume the motor sound I am hearing is a street cleaner outside. Hello there Mr Firemen.  Casually two firemen levitate past my window in a cherry picker.  I rub my eyes, check the wine bottle next to me to see how much I have drunk, then look at my husband to see if he saw it too, or perhaps I am napping and doing one of those 'man in uniform' type fantasies?

"Um, firemen just went past our window" soul mate tells me.  Phew, sanity in check.  Being the nosey, I mean concerned neighbour, that I am, we rush out onto the balcony.  There are two firetrucks in the drive way, and the cherry picker has stopped one level above our apartment.  A few minutes later, the firemen return down to the ground.  There are no extra bodies in their cage, nor is a basket of picked cherries visible.  I count 8 firemen that walk out of the foyer of our building and hop into the firetruck.  They drive away.

  • There was a kitty cat caught on the verandah
  • A fellow fireman had locked himself out of the apartment
  • There was a gas leak or fire that they did not need to tell other residents about
  • New way to deliver a singing telegram
  • Perhaps a medical emergency inside but no body recovered
  • I think we will stick with the kitty kitty kitty kitty!
I hate not knowing things and when we went to investigate this morning we discovered that our door man is on holidays for 2 weeks and the replacement was there.  Coincidence?  I think not... very suspicious. Now I have 2 weeks for my imagination and exaggerated thinking to bother me!  (I think I need to get out a bit more!)

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