Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here kitty kitty kitty (part B)

So presumably you have all had sleepless nights also?  Tossing and turning, mind buzzing, unable to get various scenarios out of your mind.  I am finally able to bring to conclusion the mystery of the firefighters.  You may remember my post Here kitty kitty kitty, (Sunday March 13th), when I had firemen float past my window one night.  No not a dream or too much wine, it actually happened. I hate not knowing things and when we went to investigate the next morning we discovered that our door man was on holidays for 2 weeks and the replacement was there.  I had 2 weeks for my imagination and exaggerated thinking to bother me; and with suggestions from others, I was finally certain that it was a romantic wedding proposal that air lifted that fireman to the apartment above ours, in a Mills and Boons fashion.

Apparently not.  Turns out that the old lady in the apartment had lost her keys in the morning.  She collected the door mans keys for the time being and then managed to lock them inside her apartment that night.  Supposedly, it can cost between 500€ and 700€ to get a locksmith to visit you at night time, (important information for an absentminded person such as myself).  So whats the next best option?  Call the fire brigade of course.  It seems that the chief of the local fire station owed the door man a favour, which was collected on this particular evening.  So why 2 fire trucks?  They had to make it look legitimite.  So why so many firemen?  For my pure amusement and viewing pleasure...

We have now been advised, that if you lock your keys in the apartment, instead of calling a locksmith and donating towards his families next summer vacation in the Bahamas, call the fire brigade.  Because they will always come to the rescue if 'you may of left the gas on'.... 

"Excuse me, I think I may of left the gas on, will you come rescue me?"

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