Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Please turn me on!

Never in my life have I had such an issue with being turned on!  I am usually not lazy, but this always seems such an effort.  There is so much fiddling around, grabbing extra bits that should not be necessary, constantly wondering if things are going to fit and if the right hole is being used.  Powerpoints and adapters are now my new worst enemy. I was never very good with problem solving and puzzles, don't you just push really hard until it fits?  Time to put on my thinking cap...

The double standard was initially adopted because in Italy, up to the second half of the twentieth century, the electric power used for lamps and the one used for all other appliances were sold at different fares, charged with different taxes, accounted with separated electricity meters, and sent on different wire lines that ended with different sockets. Even though the two electric lines, (and respective fares), were once and for all unified in 1974, many houses kept twin wires and twin electricity meters for years after. Older installations often have sockets that are limited requiring the use of an adapter if the other gauge needs to be connected.  So not only do half of the electricity points in our house dangle from the wall like a mouse from a mouse trap, but we have plugs for the adapters to adapt the plugs!

Entry point into our apartment for any critters wanting to visit!

4 different adapters and 3 different plugs

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