Monday, February 28, 2011

Milan fashion week

Milan is recognized internationally as one of the world's most important fashion capitals, along with Paris, New York City, Rome, London and Tokyo. In 2009, the city was nominated "fashion capital of the world" by the Global Language Monitor; New York City came in first for five consecutive years; and unfortunately  reclaimed the title of top fashion capital in 2010. Milanese fashion is regarded as being practical, but elegant and highly refined at the same time, concentrating more on stylish ready-to-wear clothes, rather than extravagant haute couture. This applies similarly to New York, however, both cities also have upscale haute couture and high fashion shopping districts, many of which have smudge marked windows from my nose during window shopping.

Following the New York and London fashion weeks, some of fashions biggest names brought their collections to the runway of Milan. Occurring twice a year for the autumn (fall) / winter and spring / summer seasons, Milan fashion week is supposed to bring my Italian city to life with swarms of celebrities, media and  fashion industry icons.  Milan has been home to numerous fashion designers, such as Giorgio Armani, Valentino Garavani, Gianni Versace, Donatella Versace, Mario Prada, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce.  So I hit the streets in the hope to soak in some 'Fashion Week Atmosphere', perhaps to pick up a few fashion tips and catch some contageous weight loss from some models.  All I found were a couple of reporters, publicity everwhere, a few more people out than normal, and a lot of areas not accessible to the general public.

 What had I been hoping for? To be transformed into a fashionista just walking the Milan streets?  To spot Kirsten Dunst, Katie Holmes, Tina Turner or Ricky Martin? I would of even been happy to spot Duran Duran for goodness sake!  It is now my aim to somehow attend a fashion show or after party during fashion week before I move from Milan.  So I have 3 or 4 fashion week shows to prove I can pretend to be in the fashion industry, (or at least get hired serving drinks)?

I like to think I am semi-fashionable.  I am sure everybody does, no one gets up each morning and purposely dresses in clothes that they think people will laugh at... do they?  Sometimes I think my image of what is stylish or modern is a little absent. I am trying hard, and I will think outside my box, but there are some fashion trends I just can not welcome.

IF Interesting Fact
I have been noticing in the shop windows and clothes catalogues socks with high heels.  How can socks with sandals ever be fashionable.  It was sent down the catwalk, so it must be cool?

"It's always the badly dressed people who are the most interesting." ~Jean Paul Gaultier

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  1. Hahahahahaha. I actually did 'meet' Tina Turner walking down Via della Spiga a few years ago. She smiled at me. Being the way I am I didn't know who she was. It was my partner that said 'OMG! That was Tina Turner and she just smiled at you!'.