Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh no...he has the stare!!!

We were invited by some of  hubby's friends to have a day of play at Gardaland, and being lovers of amusement parks we were quick to accept.  Gardaland is officially the biggest theme park in Italy and is filled with roller coasters, numerous water themed rides, laser rides and entertaining shows that are aimed to interest all holidayers.  We had been hesitant to stop by up until now, unsure if it would be worth the visit with the young age of prince and princess, but it was definitly worth the visit.
Located on the beautiful banks of Lake Garda it has a pretty backdrop and is a convenient 1hr 20 min drive from Milan.  This is just enough time to set the ground rules and expectations of the day;
  • We need to stay together at all times
  • You will need to wait patiently in the line, which means no pushing those infront of you, (we will play games while you are waiting so you won't be bored)
  • You will get to have sweets and treats, but only if you also drink water during the day
  • There are 4 people in this family, and we need to respect the needs of everyone
  • "No" means "no", there is to be no arguing, and
  • Please give plenty of warning for need of the toilet, (ie not when we are 2 people away from front of queue after waiting for an hour), and try to go to the toilet when there is one available.
So hubby agreed abide by the rules, and even said he would tell the children about the rules once they finished their movies and removed their headphones in the back seat.  I already have one family member on my side, and it was a larger one; it was going to be a great day!

Pantless dragon
 In all honesty, I thought the park was going to be a cheap knock off of Disneyland. Of course there were some similarities, but by no means did we find it cheap. Instead of Mickey Mouse, there was a green dragon with red hair, blue bow tie and no underpants.  Why can't these mascots put on some underpants.  No wonder the children are always to petrified to have their photo taken with these characters!  (Would you stand next to an unfamiliar pantless man or woman for a photograph? Honestly?!?)  The Manmut roller coaster, is like that Big Thunder Mountain, and Rameses, is like the Buzz Light Year ride.  Every theme park seems to have their own version of a log water ride, a train ride and the prettiest and cutest rubbish trucks you have ever seen.  It would be silly to expect all of the rides to be original.  A roller coaster is just like a diving routine; they are all made different by the varying rotations and twists, different coloured bathers/carriage and the fact that you literally pee your pants just before you take off.   
Manmut rollercoaster
Childrens version of Space vertigo ride



Space Vertigo, (Hubby's turn)

Blue Tornado ride (my turn)

I Corsari

We all set sail on a boat and entered an extraordinary adventure in a pirate world. Amongst the sailors are brave men, adventurers in search of treasure, but beware of the dangerous scoundrels. (Oh, and also beware of the hanging skeletons which will no doubt give my two year old nightmares for months to come.)

View of Lake Garda from the Flying Island ride
The Fuga Da Atlantide ride, was an adventure and myth of atlantis. My husband boarded a boat with his friends to explore the mysterious world of Atlantis with it’s temples, portals, inscrutable warriors and two dizzying descents. I on the other hand got to experience the wonders of racing my two children to the closest rest room as prince announces "peepoo, poopee".  Yes this statement is confusing for all.  But he actually was quite precise as he landed both in the toilet on time.  Time to ignore the fact that I just grabbed my son like a football, bag over the shoulder and daughter by the fingertips to race to bowel relief, pram was left at the top of a set of stairs with childrens belongings.  (Just clocked number three in thefts, since things come in 3's, figured I was safe from a forth attack.) Although I was a little nervous for our belongings, so I hurried the troops along. As soon as we reached our pram the requests for a toilet return came immediately.  "I'm not falling for this"  I think. "You can't possibly need to go again so soon."  Oh no, he is still....oh no, he has got the stare!!!!!!  Too late, we rush to the toilet again, where I discover with horror that I have no wipes and experience what can only be best descibed as a shower of poo and a bath of toilet water.  My son obviously did not receive the 'rule and expectation' memo regarding toilet trips. (I will leave it at that.)
Gardaland caters exceptionally well for children and has a Fantasy Kingdom that entertained the young ones, (and the young at heart).  The food was plentiful and overpriced, as to be expected with any theme park. The numerous amount of fountains, water sprays and water rides assisted with the summer heat and entertained the children as much as the rides did.  We all had a fantastic day, but the children changed into their 'cranky pants' around nine o'clock so we decided to call it a day.  The park is opened until 11pm, another reason why I love Europe!!!  Tick on our wish list.... what's next?
Worlds best tree house

Princess driving in Doremifarm

Hubby directing prince on the farm tractor

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