Friday, December 10, 2010

View of the entire country

Our last nights holiday destination was the 6th smallest country in the world, Liechtenstein. It is 26km long, and 12km wide, so we figured that it would not take us long to explore. We were also very tempted by the hotel description which said you had a view of the entire country!!! (Which in retrospect would not be too difficult given the size.)

Liechtenstein brands themselves, "Unmistakable and Unique". Perhaps a little bit mistakable, if you blink you may miss it; but they do have the world's largest manufacturer of false teeth, I guess that makes them pretty unique?

We arrived at night time, so our view of the 'entire country' was purely sparkling lights from the capital Vaduz below. But when we woke in the morning, we were welcomed by the most amazing panorama. Beautiful snow peaked mountains, the River Rhine, little villages and a majestic sunrise.

We explored the country, it took us 30 minutes!! We headed to the top of the mountain to find a ski village in Malbun, not enough snow to be opened just yet, but apparently it has good slopes for beginners. Oddly enough the man at the hotel did not know that this even existed, (must be too much going on in Liechtenstein to notice the only tourist attraction the country has to offer?)

Liechtenstein was a lovely place. We had excellent accommodation, (Hotel Martha B├╣hler) that provided us with that fantastic view, a separate bedroom to the children, and all the mod cons that you could request. The children made themselves feel at home and felt very grown up in their own room and bathroom. I think I had the best dinner of our entire holiday here. Breakfast was lovely and staff were very accepting of children's antics. Another country to tick off the list; aiming for 2 countries smaller than this in the next 6 months. Monaco and San Marino, both 3 hours away from Milan, we are so very lucky!

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