Saturday, September 11, 2010

1 year, 1 week and 1 day

I am now ruler of the world!!!

One Year, One week, One day old, and guess what.... I rule the world!!!!

This week I have accomplished many things, which include;

  • People singing to me (expecting me to sing along), and think I am some kind of god that can extinguish fire with a single breath (grown ups can be soooo silly)!

  • On a special day, adults will feed you your favourite food, (tomato spaghettii) and will not feel the urge to wipe your chin between every bite (I love to get messy)!

  • I can now rip up paper things and not get in trouble, especially if it has bows and pictures of trucks on it; "get into it!" being yelled by my parents; then quest conquored by older sister with reply "Oh look, I got new..." (Whose birthday was it again sister?)

  • Being allowded to ride the carousel 3 times instead of once, so glad I can be like my big sister.

  • I can now push a bike, ride a bike, flip a bike and dance with a bike

  • I can now climb out of the bath, (much to my parents dismay), "now you don't see me... now you do!"

  • I have learnt to walk and my mum says now I am a real man since I turned one!! My motivation to walk is to grab the television remote control and I climb up onto the couch by myself and get comfortable with my hand on my nappy crutch. (Man's comfortable position.)

I wonder what it is going to be like when I turn two .....

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